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Brent Monger


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It’s ill-advised to trust just any random contractor. You want to make sure the people you work with have your best interests at heart. We promise to deliver top-quality results while considering your needs and interests first and foremost.

Roofing Services

Expert roofers at an affordable price.

Contractor Services

We offer a diverse range of contracting services.

Paint & Stucco

Our contractors are experts when it comes to paint & stucco.


If you need gutter maintenance or replacement we’ve got you covered for a reasonable cost!

Custom Builder Services

If you are in need of a building contractor, 904 General Contractors is here for you. Work with a Residential and Commercial General Contractor in Florida that specializes in residential renovations, new construction, tenant improvements, & large-scale renovations.


We offer free quotes and will gladly offer you a consultation before you make a decision!


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